Audio solution with DSP for rich and clear sound in St. Anne’s church in Alvitas

St. Anne’s Church (Šv. Onos bažnyčia) in the village of Alvitas is characterized by exceptional architecture and coziness. However, the complex architecture poses great challenges to the quality of sound during ceremonies – unwanted reflections from oval walls and a convex roof make it very difficult to control sounds in such an environment.

For main space Audiotonas engineerse used micro-linear arrays from Martin Audio (O-Line model). Microphones – by Shure. There are 9 microphones in total, and they all work at the same time. However, the sound operator is not needed here – its role is played by a digital signal processor (DSP) from Biamp. Audiotonas sound specialists carefully calculated the locations for acoustic system modules, their angles, and matched frequency and phase characteristics, so that church goers could perfectly understand what the priest and guests are talking.

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