Audio system for the meeting room of Kaunas City Council

In 2021 the renovation of the conference equipment of the meeting hall of the Kaunas City Municipality Council was carried out. The building is in the list of the European Heritage Label. The interior of the hall is distinguished by impressive metal profiles and glass ceilings, as well as a stained glass wall in front of the hall. This great beauty poses great challenges to the acoustics of the hall – it used to be difficult for the audience in the hall to hear people speaking into the microphones during the ongoing council meetings and other events. The “traditional” sound system installed over 20 years ago, with a large number of speakers, no longer met today’s standards – during the events there was a problem with low sound levels, microphone feedback, poor speech intelligibility. Audiotonas engineers have selected, tested and installed probably the most modern acoustic system made by manufacturer Renkus-Heinz. It consists of two compact linear speaker arrays that do not ruin the interior of the hall. Each array consists of 12 pieces. 2″ wide-band speakers, each with its own individual audio amplifier. Such system allows sound waves to be directed only where the listeners are, maintaining the same sound level both at the front and at the back of the hall. Thanks to this technology, we avoid reflections from the walls and ceiling, which caused all the before-mentioned problems. Because the hall hosts events and presentations of various profiles, the sound system was adapted for high-quality music reproduction – it was supplemented with subwoofers.

While carrying out this same project, the hall’s video system was upgraded too – new professional monitors, video switching system and new high-definition video cameras were installed.

More information about products used in this project: