Aluflam headquarters in Jonava

Aluflam, located in Jonava, has installed modern equipment of exceptional quality in its headquarters for staff training, meetings and remote communication. The solutions proposed by Audioton have been applied in several different halls and common areas of administrative building.

In common office spaces, informational video screens (Digital Signage) are installed. Centrally controlled visual content is displayed on four 55-inch LG monitors located in different spaces, providing employees with relevant information and important messages.

A room with a large-format 65-inch touch screen and a wide-angle video camera and microphones is installed for remote communication, video conferences and groupwork. All installed equipment is connected to any computer with a single USB-C cable, and the use of a touch screen instead of a traditional projector allows not only to perform the usual display function, but also allows to write notes on the screen or simply control the computer with fingers or special pens.

Two co-working spaces are equipped with high-brightness laser Epson projectors, an Adeo projection screen that improves visibility, and an active Biamp SDQ5P sound system. Laser projectors have a sharper projection image, lower energy consumption, and the operating time of the light source is counted in tens of thousands of hours – significantly more than the lamps used in conventional projectors.

The largest office hall is equipped with an ultra-high-power Epson laser projector with a motorized Adeo screen and a sound system with wireless Shure SLXD microphones all controlled by a Biamp digital sound processor. Audio and video systems are controlled by a Crestron central control processor and a wall-mounted control panel from the same manufacturer, thanks to which all room equipment is prepared for work with a few clicks according to pre-programmed activity scenarios. Martin Audio CDD6 acoustic systems together with SX112W subwoofers were selected for sound reinforcement in this area. For better sound intelligibility, a double sound line with signal delay is used in this long-shaped room – special acoustic measurement equipment determined the time it takes for sound waves to reach the acoustic systems installed in the middle of the hall from those in the front, and the sound signal of the former is “delayed” by a few hundredths of a second. A system tuned in this way has a better STI (speech intelligibility index), avoids sound “doubling” effect at the back of the hall, which would be apparent if the system was to operate without signal delay.

The already mentioned Crestron control equipment is used not only to control the room equipment, but also to adjust the additional sound zone on the terrace – sound can be casted from the hall, or from a completely different sound source, like the background music from the player.