Live information in Karoliniškės clinic through digital signage system

Karoliniškės Clinic, L. Asanavičiūtės str. 27a, Vilnius

The digital screen solution has been implemented at the Karoliniškės Clinic in Vilnius. The system is based on professional LCD NEC screens and Optoma media players. NEC monitors are designed to work continuously 24 hours a day, which means that adapting them to a Digital Signage solution is a much better choice than conventional home TVs. In Karoliniškės polyclinic, information screens are installed in patient waiting areas on various floors. An Optoma Media Player is connected to each screen, so different information can be displayed on different screens. All media players connected to a computer LAN form a closed internal TV broadcasting system.

Optoma software InfoSAP Creator is used to create informational promotional videos. A video clip can be formed from a video or images and sent to the desired player over a computer network. You can also monitor the status of each media player and change settings with the help of the network. InfoSAP Creator lets you create video streaming schedules and auto-update video clips from an FTP server.

The Digital Signage system of digital screens installed in Karoliniškės Clinic can be easily expanded in the future by connecting additional screens and media players to the common internal television broadcasting network.