Professional solutions for Skype videoconferencing

Today, meeting rooms and meeting rooms for companies and organizations can no longer be imagined without audiovisual conferencing equipment. The most widely used conferencing software solutions today are Microsoft Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync®), Microsoft Skype®, Citrix GoToMeeting®, Cisco WebEx®, Google Hangouts and more. Unfortunately, a laptop, a webcam and a built-in microphone are not enough if more than 1-2 participants want to attend the conference, let alone if the need for the number of participants in the hall is 10 or 30. The main problem with these systems is proper sound reproduction in the hall. and processing.

UAB Audiotonas offers professional video conferencing equipment solutions for both small and extremely complex and large halls, solving all problems.

Small hall equipment

In small halls, we recommend using the Biamp Devio video and audio conferencing system, which has no analogues on the market.

Biamp Devio is a high-quality audio and video conferencing solution for small spaces that allows people to communicate and collaborate on the most popular video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business and more. Devio connects to a computer with just one USB 3.0 cable and allows the user to transfer not only video to the monitor, but also an external USB camera, microphone arrays and audio system that can be connected directly to the Devio device – it has an integrated 20W power amplifier. The included array of microphones can be placed on a table or lowered from the ceiling, the smart microphone uses special algorithms of the digital signal processor integrated in the Devio, follows the speaker in the room, thus ensuring impeccable speaker sound quality – eliminating extraneous unwanted sounds. The Devio can also be used in larger halls – it is possible to connect an additional array of microphones. An important device function for large organizations is remote monitoring and management of the device status via SNMP or centralized administration software. More information about Biamp Devio can be found here:

In small halls where additional functionality is required, we offer the Cestron Mercury audio and video conferencing device:

It works as a VoIP phone, as a Skype (or other software) USB microphone and a powerful speaker, or as a wireless Bluetooth audio system with a microphone by connecting a laptop to it. The device has an integrated latest generation wireless presentation system, Airmedia, which allows you to transfer high-definition content from any mobile device to the monitor. Because the unit has an integrated sound processing processor, it ensures flawless sound quality in acoustically complex rooms. The Crestron Mercury can be equipped with additional microphones for large hall sound. The device has a large touch screen that can display information from the reservation system (Microsoft Exchange® or Crestron Fusion®), provides very clear instructions to the user on how to use the system, dials the number of the interlocutor, controls the hall monitor. The device has an integrated room occupancy sensor that can be used to automate the system or record room usage statistics. The device comes with a Logitech webcam, but any other camera can be connected to it. An important device feature for large organizations is remote monitoring and management of device status via SNMP or a secure web interface.

More info:

Large hall equipment

We offer the use of Biamp sound processing processors and microphones in complex and large video and audio conference rooms.

We offer our customers Biamp TesiraForte sound processing processors. With the help of these devices it is possible to realize the most difficult tasks – to properly process sound in extremely large halls, to have several configurations of connecting halls or removable furniture, automating the change of sound parameters when the layout of the hall changes. Biamp also offers smart microphones with Beamtracking technology. For more information, see and

For top-level installations, we offer the most advanced Shure Microflex Advanced smart microphone arrays on the market:

SHURE Microflex Advance – flexible and modern smart microphone arrays that perfectly integrate into a modern interior and at the same time precisely accept the human voice. SHURE Microflex Advance smart devices use a newly patented technology that allows you to fundamentally change the coverage area of voice reception: you can easily create individual directional characteristics in three-dimensional space according to the desired coverage areas and adapt to various configurations of rooms and other architectural features. To ensure the highest quality and maximum flexibility in installations, audio signals from microphones are transmitted in DANTE format. More information can be found here:

We invite you to contact the specialists of UAB Audiotonas, who will tell you more about the proposed solutions, answer questions and design a properly functioning video and audio conferencing system.