Blaze Audio amplifiers for modern sound systems with internal DSP and Dante card

Blaze Audio is an innovative audio equipment manufacturer from Denmark, whose products encourage a rediscovery of the functionality and possibilities of installation audio amplifiers.

Along with audio equipment, the manufacturer offers system control with software and modern design wall panels, which not only provide the end users with understandable and clear sound control, source selection, but are also easily adapted to modern interiors.

Amplifiers with integrated DSP

PowerZone Connect series audio amplifiers designed for installation (commercial) audio systems. First of all, the equipment is unique by its compact size – amplifiers of smaller configurations are only 1U high and half-rack unit width, which is very useful when you want to “hide” audio equipment and there is not much space.

These amplifiers use an internal DSP processor for sound processing, which has all the necessary functions for adapting the sound system to room acoustics: EQ, delay, as well as individually adjustable channel output settings. The settings of the amplifiers are managed through the browser after connecting the device to the WiFi network.

Dynamic power distribution among channels

Another unique function of PowerZone Connect is Power sharing technology, which dynamically distributes all the generated power of the amplifier among channels. For example, when connecting 200W and 300W loads to 2x250W outputs, the amplifier can “borrow” 50W of power from the less loaded channel and transfer it to the higher load, thus making optimal use of the amplifier’s full power potential.

Amplifiers that speak “Dante” language

Currently, the PowerZone Connect series consists of 8 2-channel and 4-channel models of different power, and the manufacturer just a few days ago introduced versions of amplifiers with a Dante digital audio interface – this allows Blaze amplifiers to be used in larger audio networks, where signal distribution is carried out exclusively in digital format.

The amplifiers can be used both in low-impedance 4Ω / 16Ω systems and in 70V / 100V speaker lines installations. The manufacturer has foreseen the possibility of expanding the functionality in the future, so if new DSP functions are released in the future, it will be enough to update the firmware of the amplifier.

Amplifiers without DSP

Blaze Audio also offers the PowerZone series of amplifiers for when DSP functionality is not required. These devices offer the same flexibility (suitable for low impedance and 70V / 100V systems), and the power of the Class D amplifier is dynamically distributed among output channels using Power sharing technology.

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