Crestron devices for signal transmission

The Crestron DMPS Lite and DM Lite series are designed for smaller spaces where basic functionality and easy operation of audiovisual systems are required. Due to the wide range of applications and the attractive price, these systems are ideal for training rooms, meetings and team work rooms.

Crestron DM Lite

The universal DM Lite series signal transmitters and receivers are designed to create simple systems that can be used in most spaces.

Key features:

  • 4K video transmission;
  • Wide selection of transmitters and receivers for the transmission of video and audio signals;
  • Compatibility with DMPS Lite series solutions.

Crestron DMPS Lite

The DMPS Lite series devices work as an all-in-one system for classrooms, meeting rooms and where more functionality than DM Lite devices is required. Excellent compatibility with other Crestron devices from DM Lite to control systems. DMPS Lite is designed for more complex needs in education, business, retail or customer service locations.

Key features:

  • 4K image processing;
  • Configuration via web browser, automatic signal routing, monitor control;
  • Ability to extend functionality using the Crestron XiO Cloud ™ platform;
  • Integrated audio amplifier (models 410 and 510);
  • Adapts to the existing room infrastructure – no need to install new wiring;
  • Great performance on high-traffic networks.