Crestron Flex video conferencing devices

Crestron has introduced new generation of Crestron Flex video conferencing devices – it covers every meeting room space from personal table to large auditorium video conferencing system. Hear every word, see everyone – clearly. This is the message that Crestron sends to everyone.

Main Crestron Flex advantages:

  • Impressive audio and video quality for every user;
  • 6 different system options to fit every space;
  • Unified MS Teams or Zoom interface accross every device;
  • BYOD support – user can choose wether to use dedicated MS Teams or Zoom PC or other video conferencing platform;
  • Integrated control of lighting, climate control, motorized shades;
  • Remote provisioning and management;

Crestron Flex product line-up:

P-series: phone with Microsoft Teams software. Keeps your calendar, organizes your contacts, schedules your events. It has large 8″ touchscreen display, also you can choose model with handset or integrated speaker and microphone array.



MM-series: video conferencing set with very compact speakerphone, is suitable for small meeting rooms. It comes with 150-degree ultra wide angle Huddly IQ camera and 7″ integrated touchscreen. You can choose from audio only version, MS Teams or Zoom dedicated version, also a version that supports dedicated room PC and BYOD.



M-series : big version of MM series, with larger and more powerful speakerphone. It has same functionality as MM series, but additionally it can be extended with 2 external microphone, each of them operates in 6 meters radius. M-series set is sold with Huddly IQ or larger profesionall PTZ camera.



B-series :  video conferencing set with conference soundbar with integrated Huddly IQ video camera and 10.1 in. touch screen.



C-series : Crestron Flex integration kit, which can be used in complex auditoriums and meeting rooms, when there is already audio and video system installed. Integrates with your choice of displays, cameras, microphones, mixers, switchers, and audio conferencing interface (or speakerphone). The set features a 10.1 in. touch screen and UC Bracket Assembly for easy installation.



R-series : mobile video conferencing set with components from same vendor. Supplied with display from chosen brand. It has all functionality from all the series mentioned above. Includes retractable Ethernet and power cables for easy connections and rapid deployment, integrated wireless presentation system.

Get more information about these products on Crestron webpage or contact us.