The benefits of opting for PoE in streaming speakers

PoE (Power over ethernet) enabled speakers are powered by one wire that carries both data and power over a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable, allowing for ease and flexibility of speaker placement.

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Key advantages of PoE technology

Image descriptionFlexibility – place multiple PoE network active loudspeakers anywhere in a commercial installation, without the need for tethering them to a power outlet.



Network Stability – be equipped with a stable network connection to support the playback of high-quality, undistorted audio and music streaming with a PoE connection. Connecting via ethernet eliminates unwanted dropouts and ensures streaming stability.

Cost-Efficiency – without the need for installing an AC mains receptacle, save big on extraneous costs especially for multi-channel surround systems.



Simplicity – a music streamer is integrated into each PoE speaker, allowing for grouping/zone flexibility. An easy setup and connection process takes away complicated cable runs.

Discover Bluesound Professional line of PoE speakers

The Bluesound Professional signature PoE speakers require only a PoE switch or injector to support hi-resolution playback of music through ethernet. An integrated music player in all the speakers allows playing and distributing content from our business music partners including SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC, SiriusXM Music for Business and Tunify or from local network storage. Reduce installation time and costs with the simplicity of PoE and create up to 64 zones within a BluOS ecosystem.