Introducing commercial audio solutions by Blaze Audio

Audiotonas became an official distributor for Blaze Audio – innovative commercial audio equipment manufacturer from Denmark. The company recently announced the new series of WiFi enabled and computer controllable commercial amplifiers, and we are happy to offer these Blaze Audio multi-zone sound systems products for our clients and partners.

The PowerZone Connect series of commercial amplifiers are designed to make life easier for AV installers and system Integrators. Once the amps are installed – connect to the built-in Wi-Fi, open the browser-based Control app – then set up any type of system, easily configuring your settings and EQ for different sound zones.

PowerZone Connect amps are currently available in 2 & 4 channel versions, all able to drive both low impedance (4Ω to 16Ω) and constant voltage (70V/100V) loudspeaker loads.


Amplifiers also offer built-in digital signal processor with a variety of tuning options, including delay settings, speaker EQ, Hi-Z and Lo-Z selection, and various other output options. When new features and system configuration options become available for Blaze Audio products, these will be added in the web app, or with firmware updates that are straightforward to access & install.

For installations where DSP functionality is not needed, Blaze Audio offers PowerZone series of amplifiers. They  are designed to provide affordable, versatile, and reliable high-performance audio power. Flexible power amplifiers deliver both Lo-Z (4/8 ohm) or Hi-Z (70/100V) loads on any channel. And the total available power is automatically shared across all the channels – this means a system can be easily configured with any power output, and both Lo-Z and Hi-Z loudspeakers – from just one clever amplifier.

For more information about Blaze Audio, or the new PowerZone Connect & Control products, please visit

Full range of Blaze Audio products are already available to order directly from Audiotonas. Contact us for individual delivery and pricing enquiries.