New stage lights in National Kaunas drama theatre


140 LED lighting devices
„Fresnel“, „Profile“ and „Wash“ types of fixtures

At the end of 2020, the Kaunas Drama Theater renewed the artistic lighting system of the main stage. The theater purchased 140 new theater spotlights of various types with LED light sources and they replaced the old, uneconomical spotlights with halogen and metal discharge lamps. This renovation significantly reduced the theater’s costs for electricity consumption and fundamentally improved the quality, functionality, performance characteristics of the theater’s stage technical equipment, the working conditions of the stage’s technical services, and expanded the theater’s creative activities.

On the floodlight bridges installed in the hall and on the stage, 82 pieces of various five types of Fresnel, Profile and Wash floodlights with LED light sources were installed, the power consumption of which is at least twice that of the old floodlights emitting an analog light flux. and 38 pieces of Clay Paky “moving lights” type multifunctional LED lights.

The new floodlights, with all the main functions programmed and controlled from the console, significantly simplify the work of the technical and creative staff. If earlier when using theatrical spotlights with halogen lamps it was necessary to manually adjust the directions of the spotlight, change the beam angle and color filters, the new spotlights are equipped with automatic functions and during rehearsals or productions it is much less necessary to lower the lighting bridges and manually adjust the spotlights. The angles and light colors of the new floodlights can be changed by programming from the remote control, requiring smaller amounts of floodlights to perform different functions than the previously used conventional modes with manually adjustable modes. Clay Paky’s multi-functional “moving light” fixtures can perform virtually all and sundry new functions previously performed by a large number of PC, Fresnel, PAR, Flood and other types of spotlights that have been used in theaters for many decades. The new Clay Paky floodlights also have a host of other new automated features that were not previously possible with traditional floodlights.

New stage lights in National Kaunas drama theatre cta

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