Advanced powerful audio systems and fantastic experience in Lithuanian sports arenas

Requirements for sound systems in public facilities where large numbers of people congregate are particularly stringent and are currently regulated by the European Union’s new normative document EN54.

The spaces of sports arenas are very large, visited by several to several thousand people at a time, so public announcement and voice evacuation systems are of great importance in these facilities. They are directly related to human safety and the dissemination of information during events.

There are very high requirements for sound systems in sports arenas:

  • reliability of acoustic systems;
  • acoustic systems for sound pressure, radiant angle indicators, reliability of electronic components;
  • for long-distance transmission of an audible signal.

When designing a sound system, a computer simulation of the acoustic parameters of the building’s interior space is necessary. In addition, specialized software is used. This avoids design errors and the correct selection of acoustic systems and their locations, achieving the set design sound pressure, speech intelligibility (“FIND value”) and other important sound quality parameters.

Audioton has installed sound systems in the following arenas:

  • Alytus Sports and Recreation Center
  • Elektrėnai Ice Palace
  • In Kaunas Žalgiris arena
  • Palanga sports arena
  • Panevėžys Cido Arena
  • Prienai sports and entertainment arena
  • In Šiauliai arena
  • In the entertainment arena of Utena

As an example, we can present the largest and most complex project implemented by our company in Žalgiris Arena.

The sound area of ​​Žalgiris Arena is more than 10,000 sq. M. meters, height 22 meters, therefore, in order to sound such a large space, special “far field” speakers are needed.

Room acoustic solutions and selection of acoustic systems were calculated using the acoustic calculation program EASE.

The sound system is designed and equipped with Martin Audio AM3H series moisture-proof speakers for sound in large spaces. The versatility of the speakers in this series has solved the problems of speech intelligibility (FIND) and wide frequency spectrum reproduction in the arena space. This solution allows the sound system to be used not only for message broadcasting but also for high quality music playback.

YAMAHA amplifiers are used to amplify the sound signal. These are high power and high reliability amplifiers. These next-generation amplifiers not only provide the user with information about the current state of the parameters, but also provide information about previous or past limit parameter errors.

BIAMP products were used for receiving, sending, processing and switching the audio signal. It is one of the most reliable and user-friendly in digital audio processing.

An optical LAN is installed for the transmission of the audio signal and for the monitoring and control of the audio devices, which connects in a double ring all the audio devices located at a greater distance throughout the building.

The BIAMP Audia Flex sound processor with CobraNet module and its various accessories made it possible to send or receive the desired audio signals anywhere in the building where the LAN network is ready. The system uses 64 input and 48 output channels.

Advanced powerful audio systems and fantastic experience in Lithuanian sports arenas cta

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