Claypaky XTYLOS beam effect powered by laser

The Claypaky XTYLOS is a compact moving beam spotlight using a specially designed laser light source with unique optical and color characteristics. The laser light source is mounted in a reliable, safe and fully enclosed module and ensures the operation of the spotlight for up to 10,000 hours.

The beam angle is adjustable in the range of 1° – 7°, and can be reduced to 0.5° with additional stencils. The laser technology used by XTYLOS with composite RGB color mixing provides higher beam brightness than in systems using filters, and the color beam will be as bright as white light. Wide range of effects: two stencil discs (gobo wheels) with 7 rotating and 12 fixed stencils (including 7 stencils for radius reduction), a disc with 3 prisms and a hexagonal prism controlled separately. XTYLOS is the most dynamic spotlight on the market, opening up new, unexpected perspectives in the world of stage lighting and light effects.

Key features:

  • Light source: a specially designed laser in a closed module
  • Durability: The light source will operate for up to 10,000 hours
  • Light beam: intense, seamless, with bright colors, with no visible hotspots
  • Beam angle: 1 ° -7 ° range (reduced to 0.5 ° using beam narrowing stencils)
  • RGB color mixing, and special Turbo colors
  • Consistent color integrity, both between devices and throughout the life of the device.
  • Exclusive Blazer graphic effects
  • One disc with 7 rotating stencils
  • One disc with 12 fixed stencils (including 7 stencils for beam angle reduction)
  • One disc with 3 prisms and Frost filter
  • The hexagonal prism is operated separately
  • Extremely fast effects and color change
  • Very fast horizontal and vertical movements
  • Precise 24-bit digital beam brightness control (dimmer)
  • Compact housing with easily accessible all luminaire modules

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